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Social network development with Elgg platform

Posted by Cubet Technologies | Posted in development| on October 17th, 2012
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Elgg is one of the most popular open source software for developing customized social networks. For the last 4 years elgg has been grown and matured a lot to make it a good candidate for the enterprise social applications. The entity based architecture of elgg helps people to extend the platform to any direction, and to allow to work on any architecture. The elgg platform is released with a bench of basic plugins and widgets to launch your social application quickly. The basic package includes common social features like blog, bookmarks, profile pages, file manager, groups, messages, pages, members etc. Apart from these basic plugins, elgg is rich with over 1500 community contributed plugins and themes. Some of the popular community listed plugins are the profile manager, Tidypics photo gallery, Event Calendar, Social Commerce, chat, videos etc.

Elgg has been used by many universities, NGOs like UN, govt. entities and great start ups. We have worked on some of these initiatives using elgg and some of our start ups even got funded and still running on elgg. Elgg is also rich with a lots of free and paid themes, which helps users to change the look and user experience of their applications quickly and effectively. Elgg is also rich with a great community where we have over 3000 members and contributes. There are companies providing consultation and customization of the framework as well. Cubet has one of the biggest elgg team across the world with a good number of 11 elgg experts-who work with the platform for the last 4 years.

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