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Whoever said that people don’t like being told what to do was wrong, partly at least. That is because when it comes to buying products, people like to get reference from friends and others to know that they are getting their money’s worth. People wish to get recommendations and feedback from their friends and people they know about the products they wish to purchase or the service they plan to use.

That is what basically what social commerce is all about. Social Commerce combines the power of social media with e-commerce. The way it works is that businesses use social media websites to get into their customers  and to provide an option for their customers to discuss about their products and recommend these to their friends. Since, these are personal recommendations from people know, they are valued higher by potential buyers than traditional means like advertisements, banners etc.

Social commerce also talks about social selling, just like eBay, where members of a social media can buy and sell products from the network. Buyers will be able to provide rating and recommendations for the products & services and it ensures that sellers sell quality products.

Our Social commerce development team provides services quickly and cost-effectively, like custom social commerce applications, facebook applications, f-commerce stores, m-commerce applications etc. This will help you connect to your customers and their friends and to drive more sales than just branding through social media.

Take for example Facebook. A person wants to buy a camera and asks for recommendations from his friends. His friends then tell him specific brands and models he should check out. The asker’s options are then almost instantly narrowed down to these recommendations, and he will most likely buy one from these choices.

That’s the power of social commerce. It changes the way products are sold, and shifts the advantage from people who can buy airtime and advertising space to people who can harness social networking sites for a minimal budget.

Let us introduce you to the power of social commerce. Our social commerce experts are ready to listen to your needs and help you come up with strategies that will put you on top of mind of people in social networking sites without spending huge sums of money. So you can cut the guesswork and use our strategies that work from day one.

We have developed some of the leading social commerce applications and plugins for some CMS like elgg. We are also working on an Open Source GPL licensed social commerce platform as well.

Contact us today to start building your social commerce platform and begin raking in the profits for your business.

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