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Web development with Yii PHP framework

Posted by Cubet Technologies | Posted in development| on July 29th, 2011
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Yii is a new bread of PHP framework that focus on the simplicity of the code and the improvement of performance  while execution. Yii is known as the Fast, secure and professional PHP framework for the enterprise.  Yii is equipped with a rich set of features that boosts your web development like, MVC architecture, Data Access Objects, Active Records, internationalization with I18N&L10N, scaffolding, access control lists, authentication mechanisms, high end cache algorithms etc.

Cubet technologies has an experienced team of Yii developers with over 3 years PHP experience and 1 year of Yii experience. We are developing an open source social networking platform on top of Yii framwork, which we plan to release to the public by early 2012.  Our Yii developers have extensive industry experience and have been developing large and complex enterprise level web applications that handle terabytes of data and millions of transactions.

Cubet Technologies provide sophisticated end to end web application development using the Yii PHP framework. Customers can hire Yii developers with over 5 years of experience with PHP. Contact us with your queries and project details and we will get back to you soon with  a project plan to get started.  Customers can also Hire Yii developers for their long term projects as well.

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  1. Tom says:

    I need a website designed for a reasonable price. I need a site ver similiar to kennelboard.com. there is a free demo available, you can create an account to view the application. i’d like a bid to reproduce this site with a few tweeks. can you provide asap… i am traveling for 10 days starting in 2 days and would like to award a project before i leave.

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